Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing

If you notice a regular or constant leak in your Sydney bathroom there is every chance you have an issue with your plumbing piping behind your bathroom walls. A leak occurring in your walls could potentially damage the structural framework for your house so it is important to phone a licensed plumber straight away.

Signs that you may have an issue with your bathroom plumbing can include:

  • There damp/wet patches or paint blisters on the walls or floors adjacent to your bathroom
  • The ceiling below your bathroom (in a multi-level house) has wet patches
  • You notice puddles of water on the floor near your bath or shower

At Totally Plumbing we utilise the latest professional diagnostic tools to find the exact cause of a leak before providing you with options for repair.

If you notice your tile grout or silicone is cracked or damaged we advise removing it and replacing it with new grout/silicone. You can of course try this yourself or if you want to save yourself the hassle we can do it professionally for you.

One regular question we receive is “how long does bathroom waterproofing last?” If you live in Sydney and your house is over 10 years old and you have never updated/renovated your bathroom you may find that leaks start to occur soon rather than later. Modern waterproofing methods are more advanced and allow bathrooms to stay waterproofed for approx 20 years.