Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services

Do you have hair clogging up your shower drain? Is your kitchen drain blocked by grease, food or oil build up? Has a toy been accidentally flushed down your toilet? There are a variety of reasons why your drains might need a clean and we offer a full range of drain cleaning services.

We understand that plumbing emergencies never come at a good time and depending on the circumstances some can be especially unwelcome (such as a clogged toilet whilst you have guest visiting).

Many off-the-shelf or DIY drain cleaning solutions are unable to fix serious clogs, that is why we are armed with the latest in drain cleaning technology. Our friendly, licensed and professional plumbers come fully equipped with:

  • Cable or ‘snake’ cleaning
  • Jet pressure cleaners (useful for clearing stubborn roots, grease, dirt and sand)

Where large or complex blockages are involved, or it is suspected the drain is cracked/broken, we can use the latest CCTV equipment to quickly isolate the exact area of the problem and provide a speedy resolution. By utilising CCTV we are able to accurate locate cracks, breaks, damage (such as from certain soil types and/or tree root entry) and other issues. One of the main benefits of utilising CCTV is that is can avoid the need for expensive and unsightly excavations from needing to occur.