Gas Line Installation

Gas Line Installation

Gas lines are required to supply LPG gas for cooking appliances such as stoves, some hot water systems, fireplaces or other home appliances such as gas heaters. Gas lines are able to transport the natural energy source to your home safely. There are many benefits to utilising natural gas including:

  • Better internal heating when compared to electric heaters
  • Cost saving on your power bills
  • Better, more even cooking temperatures
  • Better for the environment
  • You could run an external line to connect to your BBQ so you never run out of gas during a party again.

Installation of new gas lines is an involved process which requires a fully certified and licensed gas installation technician. Depending upon the environment the gas line is being installed in, you may require digging and excavation. Using non-qualified technicians may result in an installation which isn’t safe and doesn’t comply with applicable regulations. We can provide the following installations:

    • New gas line installation
    • Gas line extensions
    • Internal or external gas fireplace installation
    • Gas regulator installation and repair

We ensure any work conducted meets current Australian standards and gas regulations. You can rest easy knowing that the end result will be professional and safe, are staff are fully trained on all applicable gas and safety compliance codes.