Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Repair

Did you know that gas is actually odourless and colourless but gas companies add an artificial smell so that humans can detect when a leak has occurred? A broken or leaking gas line can be very dangerous. Leaks can occur in the gas line itself or even in appliances such as stoves or gas heaters. One of the other most common reasons for leaks is erosion to the gas line due to certain soil types. As a gas line ages, the chances of a leak increases. We understand that leaks can occur when you least expect it or can afford it. It is important that you have any suspected leaks investigated immediately.

If you can’t smell any gas but you suspect you may have a minor leak due to unusually high gas bills, here is a simple check you can perform:

  • Before you go to bed, turn off all of your gas appliances
  • Take a photo of your gas meter reading
  • When you wake up in the morning, take another photo of your gas meter reading and compare the difference.
  • If you notice that the reading has increased, give Totally Plumbing a call to discuss your next steps.

We are experts in gas line repair and are licensed gas-fitters.

We are able to provide a full range of re-piping services with either flexible or traditional gas lines.