Leaking Toilet

Leaking Toilets

It is important to keep your toilets in a fully functional state in order to ensure your home or unit is sanitary. Totally Plumbing are able to perform toilet repairs for a variety of common problems including but not limited to:

Leaks could be caused by a crack in the toilet bowl or it could be something a bit more hidden such as the wax ring around the base of the toilet failing.

Build up in the toilet pipes can cause repeated minor or even a major blockage. The build up can lead to the narrowing of the area where water and waste can pass. Totally Plumbing have professional tools designed to clear the most stubborn of blockages.

An overflowing toilet can lead to an unsanitary bathroom and possibly even substantial other damage to your home. If you notice your toilet overflowing, please turn off the water tap behind the toilet and then call Totally Plumbing and speak to one of our fully licensed plumbers to schedule an onsite visit to remediate the fault.

Dripping water
This can be caused by the plastic rod which is attached to the floater being cracked or broken.

Insufficient flushing power
A new flapper valve may be required if your toilet bowl is only partly flushing. A build up of waste in the pipes could also be a contributing factor.